Creative ceramics week


For one whole week, the Darmasiswa VEDC students went back to SMK5 highscool for another creative task! The Global Team has learned how to make ceramic objects, leaving their imagination run wild. They had hundreds of objects to get inspired from and the teacher’s help and guidance along the way. This experience was a first for all!
2014-07-18 10.50.29

For 5 days, 4 hours each, this was the work space of creativity and fun!
2014-07-18 10.50.18

The first 2 days, students tried to work with clay my molding it with their hands and the tools at their disposal.
2014-06-19 09.43.43

The next 2 days, students tried a different method. The spinning wheel, molding shapes and sizes with wet hands, and pushing a pedal under the table to keep it moving.
2014-06-19 09.41.37

Some where done with the teacher’s help, some where done alone…
2014-06-19 09.42.01

But all were very proud of their result!
2014-06-19 09.41.25

In the last day, all the objects came to life with color. Carefully painting the details…
A candy bowl with a sweet message… THE BEST MOM!
2014-06-20 12.50.47


Tojo’s shopping bag!

Mariam’s vaze…

…and mask

GG’s king’s cup with an “awwww” message: Only a king can treat his woman like a queen.
king's cup

The other objects 🙂 all colourful and nice


And one last cup for the Darmasiswa coordinator, Citra


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