Competition in singing duet dangdut


In March there was a competition for foreigner students in singing dangdut duet which tooked place in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember in Surabaya. In previous years ITS already held competitions in cooking and other activities but not yet in singing, so this year they got the idea of making contest for Darmasiswa and other foreigner students in singing.

Because we like to try new things and want to get some new experience, we decided to take part in this contest. Our teacher, pak Dede, offered us his guiding and help. Ania and Vero were first duet pair and Martyna with Akash from University Negeri Malang were second pair. Pak Dede chose for us dangdut songs and we started to practice. We had exactly one week to prepare for it.

But first of all..what exactly dangdut is? Dangdut is traditional genre of indonesian popular music. Among Indonesian people is very popular. Dangdut music mixes western pop and rock with traditional indonesian, melayu, arabic and hindi musical indstruments. Maybe if you hear it for the first time, you may not like it, but for sure you’ll not be able to get off the music out of your head..

Nella Kharisma – Jaran goyang

And dangdut music is connected with dancing. So the singers dance and the audience also. It’s must see in Indonesia go to the dangdut concert.

Ania and Vero were singing song Wulan Merindu from Cici Paramida, this song is faster and it’s about woman who miss her love. Song of Martyna and Akash is called Kandas from Evie Tamala and Imron Sadewo, it’s very slow romantic duet, about love of course..

On Thursday 22nd March, day of competition, we went by car from VEDC campus to Surabaya at 5 am with pak Dede and ibu Citra. In Surabaya we first stopped for breakfast and then continued to campus ITS, to Department of languages. There were 11 couples registred to the competition. Ania and Vero drawed out number 7 and Martyna and Akash were the last pair singing in this competition.

Committee consist of three person. Two men and one woman. At beginning of competition they explained their requirements. They were judging quality of singing, knowledge of lyrics as well as the performance – artistic impression.

The atmosphere in there was very relaxed, pleasant and very friendly. Participants along with audience was having fun during the performing and supported each other. After all duets were singed, participants received lunch and committee took a break to make a decision about winners.

After break committee announced results. First they announced three best couples from “small finale” and afterwards they announced three best duets from “big finale”.

Ania dan Vero

Martyna dan Akash

It turned out that VEDC have really talented students, because Martyna with Akash won the first place in whole competition and Ania with Vero were ranked as third best duet. Winners received trophy, money reward and certificate as all participants received. After announcment followed taking photos with winners, all participants, committee and teacheMrs. Everyone looked happy and satisfied. We came with our great results back to Malang.



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