uhmmm tasty!



Welcome to the wonderful world of flavors and tastes!

Half of the first semester we had cooking classes. We explored the Indonesian cuisine and it was a delight! For some it was the first time to see and try some of the ingredients!


Making coconut milk was one of the fun parts!

We cooked all the well-known Indonesian dishes, from deserts to main courses, to BBQ and salads.


One of the best things from Indonesian cuisine is the peanut sauce!


You can make it sweet or salty, eat it with veggies like Gado-Gado or with fruits like Rujak

Since Indonesia is surrounded by water, there are MANY dishes with fish.

Mariam took a special interest in this class as she loves cooking and wellness.


It is great practice to learn new vocabulary 🙂

We always liked cooking classes! It was a good time to bond and try something new 🙂


And to celebrate our last class together, we made a traditional BBQ called Sate Madura 🙂

Darmsiswa VEDC


Tojo’s yummy hobby


I am Tojo and I am from Madagascar, I started making yogurt in the VEDC’s kitchen, I had a dual purpose for that, the first was to show them a bit of my skill because I had already used to do it in my country. Then, I suggested it to the “darma Wanita (Association of VEDC’s employees’ wives) and they made me made 15 liters of milk at once, to turn into yogurt, TADA .. and that is, 75 pots of yogurt of 200 ml each, because I share 1 liter into 5 and that make 15 liters X 5 pots which gives 75 pots. Despite the fact  that milk product is not a common product in the Indonesian daily life, with different flavour like strawberry, durian, chocolate and vanilla, the 75 pots were sold to the “darma wanita” and to the internal employees themselves,of course the “ darma wanita” who organized it got the profits.


My second goal was to show and demonstrate all the advantages that may contain yoghurt, For this, I had to consult Mr Google which has provided me a very convincing info like “Maintains healthy bones, helps digestion, helps reduce high blood pressure, Contains a variety of vitamins, Boost immunity, Reduce the risk of fungal infection, Improve gut health … and many more again.

After this first experience, I made it again, and then again, I gave it tast to my friends Darmasiswa at VEDC, they said it is good.

Nowaday, I try to give my homemade yogurt to others Malang Darmasiswa but in other University, well, they love it too. Who knows, “inshallah” as the Indonesians used to say, I do not know if it has a future but, my 2 purposes worth to try it.

Tojo Mahenina