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Is the allowance enough for living in Malang?

The monthly allowance is 2 million rupiah (around $200). Your monthly living cost will include accomodation – around 500.000 rupiah, transportation – 3.000 rupiah/ride with angkot, telephone – 20.000 rupiah.

For food, if you shop at the traditional market you can have all food at a very low price, you can buy around 7-8 kg of fruits and vegetables and eggs for around than 150.000 rupiah (thank you Lili, our reader, to notice the mistake!). It’s up to you if you buy your food on your own or you share with your house mates.

In the supermarket, prices are a bit higher (for what you can find in traditional market) but usually you would buy bread – around 12.000 rupiah, milk around 12.000 rupiah, various snacks and cookies – from 6.000 rupiah to 30.000 rupiah, toilet paper – 40.000 rupiah/10 rolls etc.

For eating out, you can find food in street warungs (restaurants) starting from 5.000 rupiah a bowl of noodles but it can go up to 25-30 thousand rupiah for a big big bowl of food. Western food can be found at Pizza Hut (prices start from 50.000 rupiah/pizza) or Mcdonalds – Big Mac 35.000 rupiah.


What about malaria? Is a vaccine necessary?

Malaria only exists only in the deep jungle of Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua. In the cities and around Jawa or tourist places, there is not such threat. More important are the hepatitis since cleanliness is not a priority. Also, even in popular places like Bali, the dengue fever is common, but since there is no vaccine for that, just make sure you have mosquito repellent and if you have symptoms check with a doctor as soon as possible.

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