Final presentation


On July 10th, the Darmasiswa students from VEDC had their final presentation to mark the end of the program. Each student chose a theme related to the Indonesian culture to present in front of their teachers, the directors and their coordinator. With a lot of emotion they managed to present 10 minutes in Indonesian.

Waiting their turn to go to the front…

One last check of the power points…


Nia from China chose to speak about the informal language that especially teenagers use when texting or on social media. It takes practice and patience to master this form of communication as well.

Harue from Japan spoke about the specific food from 33 regions of Indonesia. We all go a little bit hungry!

The girls did a great job!
nia and harue

Wan from China chose to speak about the art of making a batik. He practiced along with his classmates during the culture week at VEDC (post here:

Tojo from Madagascar made a complete presenation about many aspects of the culture:


Georgiana from Romania presented her observations and experience teaching English in Indonesia and her input how to do it better.

Mariam from Venezuela is big fan od dancing, so she presented this wonderful art:


Those two were clearly happy with their work and their feedback from the audience

Now from Uzbekistan, Markhabo presented the specific body language in Indonesia:


And Khulkar spoke about the superstitions in Indonesia finding similarities with her native country


The teachers and everyone present in the room were clearly happy about our performace:


And they had only nice things to say at the end of the 2013/2014 Darmasiswa program:)

All endings are nostalgic, 1 year together brings a lot of memories and friends!


What goes on in the classroom…


…is laughter, questions, eureka! moments, fun and knowledge 😉



How do you master a new language?
Start with the most common words 🙂
Here’s a list for Bahasa Indonesia:

hati-hati = take care
Very common – especially with the crazy traffic going on, a gentle reminder to stay safe and watch out for the road 🙂

bisa = able / can
Questions like can you speak indonesian? = bisa bahasa indonesia?
can you this can you that all start with “bisa” and the answer will be “bisa” well.

belum = not yet
Answering a direct “no” to some questions is not very common, more likely say “not yet” (not yet been to Bali, not yet married, not yet ..)

sudah = already
for the same reason, saying “yes” is nicer to say “already!”

tanpa gula dan susu = without sugar and milk
Because Indonesians love their sweets very sweet they add in anything, even in the delicious freshly sqeezed fruit juices! All greenies are fresh here and taste fantastic, no need for the extra stuff so make sure you mention it! … Hmm, maybe for the avocado chocolate juice we can keep the chocolate…

tidak pedas = not spicy otherwise you end up with a mounth on fire and some very unconfortable intestines. Little by little you will get accostumed to the spices

sedikit = a little
We you do start to like the spicy sauce or chillies in your food, be precatious first few time, baby steps !

sampai jumpa = see you later!
it’s never goodbye, we will meet again ! 🙂




Amy is one of the best students, she recommends listening to music and watching movies as a good practice 🙂 Happy holding the manual, and while we were nervous waiting our turn for the hotel reservation practice, she did a great job 🙂




Making a reservation at a hotel is just one of the many useful things we learned this semester 🙂 We can successfully manage also shopping at the market, asking for tickets or information, giving directions, order food, express our feelings and desires.

Quite a good set of skills! 🙂


And there are the occasional lunches together 🙂


Ok guys, get ready for a group photo….


…and here it is !


Advance Bahasa Indonesia


VEDC is not a university but a warm family to every student who studies Indonesian language here. Whether you don’t have any basic language knowledge welcome to the VEDC! If you have been studying the Indonesian language already, don’t worry! You can the same as me, ask for the superior class- study with the local student, the teacher and the classmates are very kind, they will always help you with patience.

Anyway, I really happy you have chosen VEDC and enjoy your study in VEDC.

Tang Lihua – China