What can you buy with $1?


If you want to have an idea of the living expenses in Indonesia, here is an interesting list 🙂

All these items are 12.000 rp ($1) give or take 3.000 rp (25 cents)

Please note that the prices sometimes varies, especially for fruits or vegetables, depending on season. We’ve compelled this list with the prices from Malang, in other areas there can be variations.


What can you buy with $1 in YOUR country? Let us know in the comments



Burger Buto


A very cool place in Malang is Burger Buto = Giant Burger 🙂
The Global Team and their coordinator, Citra, celebrated the end of the final presentation at this unique place. Here are some of their products:

BUTO LONG, “only” 25 cm


BUTO IJO – 27 cm diameter!!! Check out the 500rp coin for perspective

We ordered a sample of all of them, but the BUTO simple was eaten before we got the chance to take a picture :))) It was maybe 15 cm in diameter :)))

Malang is full of great places to hang out, eating or having a drink with affordable student prices. Here’s the menu for example from Burger BUTO

Did I mention that the drinks are GIANTS too? 🙂
AND giant cotton candy for those with a big sweet tooth 😉

MLG Cribs


When you come to Indonesia you will notice that the most common residence are houses 🙂 Due to the susceptibility of the islands to earthquakes all the buildings are just one story high, some new apartment building even 10 stories high are under construction right now. So, if you decide to look for a place to stay, here’s an example of a house our students rented recently.

It has 3 bedrooms, each with a double bed, here are the ones on the ground floor 🙂

IMG_2755 IMG_2758

2 bathrooms. sneak peak in the ground floor one


A very nice kitchen (the picture was taken from the stairs that go upstairs)


Here is the hallway with the stairs to the first floor and way to the bathroom, also important storage place under the stairs, we keep our laundry and the cleaning materials


The house has a quite big garage with the other stairs that lead to the first floor

IMG_2739 IMG_2738

And the dinning table, very close to the one of the living rooms


The red couch is everyone’s favourite place



And the room where we invite our guests 🙂




Yes, Malang is a city surrounded by mountains, but don’t dispair! Malang beaches are 2-3h hours away, without traffic or bumpy roads 🙂 There is no public transportation, so you get there by motor or car.

Here they are
we rate the beaches for 1 to 5
1 is crappy and 5 is awesome
and the time to get there from Malang

*** NGLYIEP ***

time to get there 2,5h
road condition 3,5/5
beach beauty 4/5

The beach is clean and it has facilities like shower, warung, toilets, parking – on one side, where you have a wonderful view of the Indian ocean, a long beach, but with a strong current, big waves, unsuitable for surfing. Yet, very beautiful and although crowded, you can still find a place with privacy.


On the other side, there is a beautiful private bay, also clean and with some places to eat and possibility to take walks.



*** BANTOL ***

time to get there 4h
road condition 1/5
beach beauty 3/5

The last 4,5 km of this road is really bad, especially if it rained and the road is muddy. It passes a forest and there are no houses, but with a little patience and courage you can make it. Basically impossible to go there by car, though.

The beach is nice, there 3 parts and during low tide you there is an island in the middle. The water is brown-ish but not because it’s dirty, but because there is a stream of sweet water which reaches the ocean. You can eat really good fresh fish, very cheap, from the fishermen there. It’s a very remote beach, we were the first tourists there 🙂




time to get there 2,5h
road condition 3,5/5
beach beauty 4/5

It is the place where you can stay over night or just one-day trip because it isn’t very far away from the city. This place gives you a very good atmosphere; clean natural condition and not too crowded. You can enjoy swimming in clean water, discover the coral reef, have some fresh coconut drink, and watch the sunset. More than that, Balaikambang is not only the place for relaxation but also the place for ritual and traditional ceremonies of Hindus and Javanese. There is a Hindu temple called Pura Ismoyo.



*** SIPELOT ***

time to get there 3h
road condition 3/5
beach beauty 4,5/5

The last part of the road to Sipelot, is winding, narrow and uphill, downhill, but nontheless beautiful, better be careful but also enjoy the view.
The beach is very close to a nearby christian village where you can get food and the houses built on the beach have shower and toilets. The beach is absolutely clean, it is not popular so you will get a lot of privacy. The water is clean, warm and sandy.
The sky at night is amazing due to the lack of any other light and during the night the phytoplankton shines in the water as the waves hit the shore.



*** SEMPU ***

time to get there 5h
road condition 3,5/5
beach beauty 4,5/5

To get to Sempu Island you have to go to Pantai (Beach) Sendang Biru first and with the letter of permission you hop on a boat for 45 min to the island and then walk through the jungle for around 2h to arrive to the beautiful lagoon. What you need to know about Sempu is that you have to bring EVERYTHING you need for the time you will be there, water (for drinking and for cooking), food (that can be cooked on the camping kitchen), camping stuff (also something to cook/heat), etc.
The beach is really clean and also very popular, so during weekends it can get crowded. Here you can also see the sparkling water during the night. The water is clean, but rocky, yet the surroundings are worth the trip.



Batu, Paper, Scrissors


Yes, Batu means “rock” but it is a name of a town very close to Malang which is famous for the apple plantation, quite impressive that apples can grow in tropical weather. But Batu is special because the weather is much cooler as it is surrounded by mountains. There are many things to do in Batu: the city centre is very nice, there is an amusement park called Batu Night Spectacular which is very very fun also the Batu Secret Zoo, which is not so secret, but also nice to see, even if you go to Taman Safari as well. Batu is a nice place for relaxation and cooling off 🙂

Darmasiswa VEDC

The best 100.000 IDR ever spent!


Go to Taman Safari!

It’s a huge place, a Safari as the name states it, where you can see all the animals, take pictures with elephants, birds, monkeys, tigers. You can swim with dolphins! don’t tell me everyone has this wish! It takes a whole day to see the shows and the colourful diverse animals, but soooo worth it. Actually, you might wanna go a second time, to enjoy the water park as well. It is located in Prigen, around 50 km (or around 20 minutes by car/bus) to the north of Malang, have fun!



Darmasiswa VEDC

Freshness has one name: pasar Blimbing


Pasar Blimbing is one of the many traditional markets in Malang, but this one is the closest to school, easy to get to it. Open in the early morning and late evening, in Pasar Blimbing you can find anything, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, tofu, even rain coats, wallets, shoes, anything you might need.

They have very cheap prices and with so much variety, it’s a delight to the eyes as well as for the stomach 🙂

Darmasiswa VEDC