Study program


At VEDC Malang, the focus is on Bahasa Indonesia (language) and Indonesian culture. All students get a manual for learning the language, monthly schedule, program plan paper and will be assisted to buy the best dictionary they can get.

The first semester – September until February

* classes everyday from 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. – in a very fun, interactive way, students will learn the basics of communication, writing and grammar on various topics, from greetings to numbers, shopping, etc. Teachers prepare songs, short videos, presentations and games for a fast and effective learning process.

* twice a week, the students will have art and culture class – in 2013/2014 the students learned a traditional East Java dance and Indonesian culinary.  Students together with a teacher will prepare traditional Indonesian food and drinks in the campus kitchen, a very fun experience! In the next semester the culture classes may vary with the addition of other art classes.

* also sometimes there are cultural trips to various locations around Malang such as to Hindu and Buddhist temple, traditional markets, tourism villages, etc. also a very good exercise to practice what the students have leaned in school until that time and to see more traditions and cultural heritage in Malang.

* after the mid semester exam on November, there will be the Christmas and NYE vacation. Students will be given a silent week to prepare for the exam.

* at the end of the semester there will be a final semester test (on February) that has a writing section – short stories, grammar section, vocabulary section and speaking. The students will be given couple free days to prepare themselves before the big day.

* after the final semester exam, at the end of February and the beginning of March there will be a semester holiday.

By the end of the first semester, students are able to speak, write and understand basic conversations in Bahasa Indonesia.

Second semester – March until July

* students will continue their classes (Fridays are off), field trips, cultural days (which can change to learning how to make traditional clothes – batik – or how to play traditional instruments – Gamelan) and culinary sessions. Also, after three months, they will receive a second manual, with more complex aspects of the language.

*from June to August, the students will have an internship in Indonesian schools, where they will teach students about their culture and countries and practice their Bahasa Indonesia.

*at the end of the program, the students will write an essay about their experience in Indonesia, and Malang.

The program ends August 29.

// during the whole year, there will be more free days according to national holidays and celebrations

// students have the opportunity to do voluntary work, like teaching English to children or assisting cooking in the institution’s campus

// the classes are for beginners in Bahasa Indonesia, but if some students have already studied the language and are above average level, they have the possibility to join an advanced class.

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