Make life easier


Make your life easier in Malang by:

  • joining the Darmasiswa / student parties in town. This way you can meet people that live here as well, some for a longer time and they can help you find your way around town.
  • shopping and cooking at your house. It’s a good way to save some money and it’s also fun for bonding with your flatmates, we have posted information about the markets in Malang city section
  • negotiating when shopping. Most places have that possibility, so it’s a good idea to learn the numbers and “shopping vocabulary” from the start to communicate with the farmers. Important fact: the bule price – bule = westerner – most sellers will be tempted to ask for a higher price because they can take advantage of the fact that you are new here and you can afford it, more information about prices in Malang City section
  • traveling in groups. This way you can share the cost for many things, asking for directions etc. And it’s fun, in time you will make a group of friends with whom you can share your memories. In Malang, the international students community along with the Indonesian friends is very tight and usually there are lots of gatherings.
  • rent stuff you need occasionally. You might be tempted to pack your tent and sleeping bags and mountain jackets (well it is a great place for camping and hiking and up the many mountains can be cold), but actually renting is very affordable and popular: a tent is around 12.000/night (1$), a sleeping bag is half. If you want to renew your camping stuff, you can take advantage of the good prices in Indonesia.
  • take flights from Surabaya airport. Although Malang has its own domestic airport, the best option is actually taking all flights from Surabaya airport, much more convenient. From Malang to Surabaya, around 2,5 h by bus $3, by economy train 50 cents, by private shuttle $6.

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