VEDC Malang at glance


We welcome you to Pusat Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan Bidang Otomotif dan Elektronika/Vocational Education Development Center (PPPPTK BOE/ VEDC) Malang.

Since 1982, the VEDC Malang has been working on developing and enhancing teacher competency for some areas such as building and construction, machine and CNC, electronic, automotive, etc. In order to face the challenges of the globalization era VEDC Malang has been prepared, along with the support of 150 highly qualified instructors who have extensive experiences of working and studying both in national and international level organizations (including in Switzerland and Germany). VEDC Malang is also supported with international standardize facilities in the form of teaching aid as well as industrial partners which make us able to produce high competence output. VEDC Malang also serves the demand of competency enhancement in the form of skill training and certification from many parties, such as public schools, governments, industries and NGOs.

Furthermore, VEDC Malang is one of the chosen institutions which is trusted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia to become the implementer of Darmasiswa scholarship program. Darmasiswa is a scholarship program extended by the government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Bureau of Planning and Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Education and Culture to foreign students from countries with which Indonesia has friendly relations. The programs offered are Indonesian language, arts, music and crafts. Participants can choose their place of study from over 38 participating universities and colleges. Then, the main purpose of the Darmasiswa scholarship program is to arouse and foster interest in the Indonesian language and culture among citizens of friendly countries, and to reciprocate scholarship programs provided by other countries for Indonesian citizens and to forge closer cultural links with these nations. Moreover, the Darmasiswa program is essentially a “non-degree” program of one year or less.

In implementing the Darmasiswa program, VEDC Malang cooperates with Bureau of Planning and Foreign Affairs since 2007. Most of the students are coming from all around the world, for example Japan, Germany, Thailand, England, French, and other countries. Program Division hold the responsibility to coordinate the Darmasiswa program in VEDC Malang, the person in charge is Mr. Akhmadi, MM.

Finally, as your provider, we will try our best to help and make you comfortable learning about Indonesia; especially Indonesian language, arts, music and crafts. Hopefully, we can make a great cooperation in this program and have many beautiful moments together.

Darmasiswa VEDC