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Our dear Latin Darmasiswa, Mariam from Venezuela, just started her own blog. Better keep an eye on it because a lot of useful and fun things are coming! She started of with a “Survival 101” post on FOOD, a very delicate subject here. Those foreigners living in Indonesia know what I’m talking about and the newbies coming over later this month, let it be a heads up!



a very nice insight in Malang city by a tourist 🙂 have a look


Adrian Crapciu is a Darmasiswa student from Romania located in the city of Sukarta, also known as Solo. He does an amazing job at documenting his experience here, well worth browsing though his work. Here is his latest capture during the ash rain.


Check out a world wide study on life expectancy, experienced well-being and ecological footprint where you can compare your country to Indonesia and to the rest of the world. The scores are from 2012, but wouldn’t it  be interesting to see the evolution over the years, don’t you think?



An outstanding life’s work about the tribes soon to be extinct, as Jimmy Nelson the photographer has named his project “Before They Pass Away”. He has also been to Indonesia’s West region – Papua – where he so brilliantly photographed three tribes. Enjoy!


see our updates first here


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